Adding a New Puppy to Your Family

  • Reptiles For Sale: Discover Your Perfect Scaley Companion

    26 July 2023

    If you are planning to purchase a reptile, you have many options. From the regal bearded dragon to the sleek ball python, reptiles offer a unique and rewarding experience. Below are four types of reptiles to help you make an informed decision about your new companion. Bearded Dragons Bearded dragons are medium sized lizards and are native to Australia. They make excellent pets for beginners and experienced keepers alike. With their striking spiky appearance and unique behaviors, such as head bobbing and arm waving, bearded dragons are not only fascinating to observe but also highly interactive pets.

  • Want A Bengal Kitten? How To Prepare For Your New Companion

    31 March 2023

    If you're ready to bring a pet home to the family, now's the time to consider a Bengal Kitten. Bengal kittens provide loving companionship. One of the great things about Bengal kittens is that they're easy to train. They're also very loyal pets. But, you do need to give them the right type of care. If you're not sure how to care for a Bengal kitten, read the list provided below.

  • From Wags To Stitches: How Happy Tail Syndrome Can Be An Unhappy Time For Your Dog

    5 January 2023

    It's not as though you'd take your dog to an animal hospital because they're too happy. However, a dog may need veterinary treatment if part of them are in fact too happy—namely their tail. What is happy tail syndrome, and what does it do to a dog's tail?  An Unhappy Experience The cute-sounding name of the syndrome is deceptive. Happy tail syndrome is an unhappy experience for dogs and owners alike.

  • Board Multiple Dogs Together With The Right Planning

    5 October 2022

    Keeping your dogs together at a boarding kennel can be an excellent way to reduce stress and make sure your dogs are comfortable while you're traveling. If you've been interested in boarding your dogs, but feel hesitant to check your dogs into a kennel, there are a lot of questions to ask first.  Boarding your dogs together can be an excellent option and much easier to organize when you consider the following tips for getting them taken care of.

  • Waiting At The Vet Hospital: Tips For Dog Owners

    8 August 2022

    Taking your dog to the vet is one of the best things you can do for their overall health and well-being. Some visits will just be for checkups. Others will be for the diagnosis and treatment of any ailment that your dog may be struggling with. In either case, one of the more challenging aspects of going to the vet hospital can be waiting in the waiting area with your dog.

  • Vaccinations For Pets Are So Important

    22 March 2022

    One of the most common bits of advice many people get when they bring home a new animal is to make sure they are vaccinated as soon as possible, and receive all their boosters. This is due to pet vaccinations being so important for so many reasons. Keep reading to learn more about some important reasons you should make sure your new pet is fully vaccinated now and throughout their life.

  • Dental Problems Got Your Doggy Down? Why You Need To Visit An Animal Care Hospital Right Away

    22 November 2021

    If your dog is dealing with dental issues, you might think that it's safe to prolong treatment. However, prolonging dental treatment can lead to tooth loss, which can be devastating for your dog. When it comes to your dog, tooth loss isn't something that should be taken lightly. If you're not sure that your dog's dental condition requires a trip to the animal care hospital, read the list provided below. Here are just three of the reasons you need to protect your dog against tooth loss.

  • Yorkies Make Great Pets For All Kinds Of Families

    18 August 2021

    Most people would agree that Yorkies are great-looking little dogs. They have a beautiful coat and an adorable face. However, their looks aren't the only reason why you may want to bring home a Yorkie when you decide the time has come to bring a new family member into your home. You can learn about some of the many other things that make Yorkies such great pets by reading the rest of the information that's offered below.

  • 4 Major Questions You Ought To Ask When Buying A Puppy

    22 April 2021

    Getting a pet is an excellent decision to make as a person or family. Pets become valuable companions in the home and help children learn how to play and express their emotions. They also help the little ones develop their nurturing and social skills. However, before getting a pet, you need to conduct due diligence and make an informed decision. Here are four questions you need to ask before you set out looking for puppies for sale.

  • To Intern Or Not: A Vet's Choice

    25 November 2020

    If you are a new veterinarian straight out of school, you have a big choice ahead of you. Will you do an internship, or are you going to jump right in? Veterinarians are not required to complete a veterinary internship. If you are in the middle of making this tough decision, here are a few pros and cons that may help you figure it out. Not Doing An Internship If you do not do an internship you are going to jump straight into practicing veterinary medicine, which has its perks and challenges.