Adding a New Puppy to Your Family

Board Multiple Dogs Together With The Right Planning

by Arttu Kari

Keeping your dogs together at a boarding kennel can be an excellent way to reduce stress and make sure your dogs are comfortable while you're traveling. If you've been interested in boarding your dogs, but feel hesitant to check your dogs into a kennel, there are a lot of questions to ask first. 

Boarding your dogs together can be an excellent option and much easier to organize when you consider the following tips for getting them taken care of. 

Check the Overnight Kennels

Taking a tour of the boarding facility is vital since it will provide you with a firsthand view of where your dogs will be sleeping. Instead of your dogs sleeping separately due to the kennels being too small, you can ask questions about the dimensions of the kennels and request to see them yourself.

By understanding how large these kennels are, you won't encounter issues where your dogs will be separated overnight. Avoid surprises related to the cost by checking if there are additional fees for extra-large kennels or boarding dogs together. 

Ask About Play Sessions

If you've been interested in boarding your dogs together, you'll need to check what to expect for play sessions. Group play sessions mean your dogs will spend time with other dogs during the day. However, you may look for one-on-one play sessions if you know your dogs would rather be played with alone. 

Consider the temperament of your dogs and what makes the most sense for their activity level. Matching your dogs with the play sessions that work for them will keep them from being bored and ensure that they receive the right stimulation while staying at the kennel. 

Discuss Rates for Multiple Dogs

As the owner of multiple dogs, it's no surprise that there can be additional fees you'll be responsible for. While it may seem like sharing a kennel can save you money, there could be additional fees for needing a larger-sized kennel for overnight stays. Before making reservations for your dog to stay at a kennel, you'll need to check how much money you'll be spending on their stay and what you can expect in terms of the expense of keeping your dogs at a kennel. 

Before you choose to have your dogs stay at a kennel, there's a lot to understand to avoid misunderstandings related to the expense or what your dogs will need while staying at a kennel. Instead of being surprised by any part of the process of boarding your dogs, you'll need to consider the above tips and what makes some kennels a great fit.

To learn more, contact a pet boarding facility in your area today.