Adding a New Puppy to Your Family

Vaccinations For Pets Are So Important

by Arttu Kari

One of the most common bits of advice many people get when they bring home a new animal is to make sure they are vaccinated as soon as possible, and receive all their boosters. This is due to pet vaccinations being so important for so many reasons. Keep reading to learn more about some important reasons you should make sure your new pet is fully vaccinated now and throughout their life. 

Vaccinations cover serious illnesses

Pet vaccinations cover a good number of illnesses that are often highly contagious. Once your pet has been fully vaccinated, there will be much less chance of them catching an illness they are exposed to. Even if you plan on your pet being an indoor pet, there may still be many times they can be exposed to different diseases and illnesses. For example, if you go on vacation, and you allow your pet to get out of the car and walk on the ground, then they can be exposed to an illness. 

Also, illnesses can be brought right into your yard from animals. Domesticated animals aren't the only ones who can put your pet at risk, either. A deer or rodent can carry leptospirosis and pets can catch it by coming in contact with the infected animal's urine. Something important to know about leptospirosis is pets can transfer it to their owners. Leptospirosis is covered in pet vaccinations, along with many other horrible illnesses. Parvo is a horrible disease, and it can be easily tracked into your home on the soles of your shoes. 

Vaccinations give you more freedom with your pet

When you have a pet that's not fully vaccinated, then it is important to keep them inside and protected from all of those germs that are outside. After your pet has all their shots, you can feel free to take them on walks, take them places in the car with you, take them hiking, and even let them come with you on family vacations. It's important for your pets to stay active. 

You may have a cat who is content to jump from one piece of furniture to another and runs around the house, then up and down its cat tree. However, if you have a dog, then you are going to want them to get enough exercise and this means it being allowed to go places away from the house with you, such as the dog park or to swim in the local lake. Vaccinations give you the freedom to do these things with your pet without worrying. A clinic like Jones Animal Health Clinic has more information on this topic.