Adding a New Puppy to Your Family

4 Reasons Reptiles Make Great Pets

by Arttu Kari

Pet ownership can enrich your life. Many people find companionship and joy in animal ownership. When you visit your local pet store, you'll be presented with a variety of animals to choose from. Of all the species available, you should consider purchasing a reptile. Here are four reasons you should keep a reptile as a pet:

1. Choose from a large variety of animals

Several species of reptiles make suitable pets. You can choose to adopt a small leopard gecko or a corn snake. If you prefer larger reptiles, a ball python or iguana might be perfect for you. Whether you have a lot of space to devote to your new reptile friend or only a little, you can find the perfect size reptile to fulfill your requirements. Reptiles are diverse creatures, so you can choose the one you like best.

2. Inspire aspiring herpetologists

Reptiles are fascinating animals that are unlike mammals in many ways. Reptiles are coldblooded, which means they require an external source of heat to maintain their body temperature. Reptiles are carnivores with unique hunting adaptations. If you or someone in your household is interested in studying reptiles, owning one is the perfect opportunity to conduct some hands-on research. You'll be able to observe your reptile day after day. Reptile ownership can even inspire someone to go into the field of herpetology. Many people find a lot of value in spending time with the animals they love.

3. Avoid common pet allergens

Pets provide excellent nonhuman companionship. Unfortunately, pet allergies are quite common. When people are allergic to animals, their immune system incorrectly identifies certain proteins as a threat. Pet fur and dander are the most common animal allergens. Reptiles have scales instead of fur, so they will not trigger pet allergies.

4. Enjoy a low-maintenance companion

Reptiles are low-maintenance animals compared to many other pets. They require very little space, and you don't need to wash, groom, or walk them regularly. Most reptiles are happiest when left alone with little handling. If you want a pet in your life but don't feel confident that you can devote a lot of time to your new animal, a reptile is a perfect solution. Reptiles need to be fed infrequently. For instance, most snakes only need to be fed once a week. Setting up your reptile's tank is the most labor-intensive task. Once that's done, you can simply enjoy the natural beauty of your reptile.

Visit a pet store to see some of the reptiles for sale near you.