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What You Need To Know Before Picking The Right Boarding Facility For Your Dog

by Arttu Kari

If you need to get away for the weekend and cannot take your dog with you, dog boarding facilities are available and are willing to take your pet in for the weekend. Staff members at these facilities love being around animals and would not mind providing care while you are away. You will simply need to choose the right facility to send your dog to.

Is There Enough Space for Your Dog to Play?

When taking your dog to a dog boarding facility to stay for the weekend, you need to make sure there is enough space throughout the facility for your dog and all the other animals to roam around and have a good time. Many of these facilities will have special rooms where they allow the dogs to run around and interact with one another while playing with assorted toys, such as rubber balls, chew toys, and more. You should find out how much space your dog will have available when staying at the facility and ask the staff members about the amount of time the animal will get to spend running around and having fun.

What Are the Feedings Like?

Any good boarding facility will feed the animals twice a day but may even offer additional feedings and treats throughout the day to reward the animals for behaving well. Find out when the feedings take place and if the food is provided or if you will need to bring food for your dog when dropping the animal off at the facility. If your dog only eats a certain type of food, you may want to bring a bag or container of the food with the animal because then the employees can make sure your pet has exactly what it normally eats at home.

What Do the Employees Do With the Animals?

Always find out what the employees are going to do with the different animals at the boarding facility. They may engage in playtime with the animals, take them for walks, and even brush their coats to remove excess hair. Some boarding facilities even offer additional pampering services such as washing the animals, blow-drying them, and even painting their nails if you would like to have them painted.

Your dog can have an enjoyable experience at a dog boarding facility, but you do need to pick the right facility. When trying to decide where to send your dog for the weekend, determine how much space your pet will have to run around and play while there, ask about the feedings, and find out what the employees regularly do with the animals to keep them entertained.

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