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3 Advantages Of Using A Dog Boarding Facility During Your Next Trip

by Arttu Kari

Do you have one or more dogs? Are you planning to take a trip somewhere in the relatively near future? Whether you're going on vacation or taking a trip to see family for the holidays, the question of what to do with your dog is one that plagues many owners. Some people simply bring their canine companions along, but this isn't the only option and may not even be the best one. Instead of going with that option or even with trying to find someone to look after your dogs at your own house, consider taking your dog to a professional boarding facility. Some of the best reasons why you should choose to do this include the following.

1. Happier dog: There's no doubt that many dogs love to take rides to the park or to other nearby locations. This doesn't mean that a dog will enjoy longer trips to your chosen destination. Instead of being excited to still be in the car, plenty of dogs gradually start to get stressed out and upset if they have to stay in the car for long periods of time. If you're traveling by airplane, your dog will be inside of a carrier, so the initial excitement is unlikely to even be present. But at a dog boarding facility, your dog will be able to run around, eat, and relieve him or herself as necessary, leading to a happier dog from the start.

2. Save money: One big reason why many people take their dogs with them on a trip is that they think that this is a less expensive course of action. But this is not necessarily the case. In order to be able to stay at a hotel or a motel, most locations will charge you a daily pet fee in addition to the room rate. While this may seem to be a reasonable price at first glance, they may also charge you a substantial cleaning fee if for damage that wasn't even caused by your dog.

Since it's nearly impossible to prove a dog didn't cause specific damage, you could be stuck paying them hundreds of dollars unexpectedly. With a dog boarding facility, the cost of cleanup and any damage is rolled into the total cost so that you won't get hit by unexpectedly huge bills later.

3. More convenient: You might think that it's simply easier to bring your dog along or even to find a pet sitter, but this isn't always true. Since not every motel or hotel accepts dogs, you may find yourself needing to take significant detours in order to locate somewhere that will allow you to stay. 

And trying to find someone trustworthy to come to your home to look after your pet on specific days can be difficult as well. Fortunately, dog boarding facilities are open year-round and already have a trustworthy staff so that you can focus on your trip instead of solely on your furry friend.

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