Adding a New Puppy to Your Family

A Few Waterfowl Hunting Dog Supplies

by Arttu Kari

Training your new dog to be a good waterfowl dog is going to be a challenge, but a good waterfowl dog is worth their weight in gold. There is no other hunting partner that is willing to climb into cold water and retrieve those ducks and geese for you. When you start training your dog you are going to need a few supplies. These supplies can make or break the training process, so make sure that you get the right products. This article is going to outline just a few of the most important supplies that you need to train your dog.

Choke Chain

There is nothing that is more frustrating than trying to hunt but being unable to control the excitement of your dog. If your dog is running all over the place you are not going to have a successful hunt. To train your dog to heal and stay by your side, you are going to need a good choke chain. There are poeple that like to get very aggressive choke chains with spikes, but that is most likely not necessary. A simple chain should be sufficient in training your dog to stay by your side. 

Bird Dummies And Scent

Teaching your dog to retrieve ducks and geese is much more difficult than training your dog to fetch. You are going to want to get your dog used to retrieving a duck or a goose. That is why it is very important to get a bird dummie. The bird dummie should come with some different scents that you should use. You can also get a bird gun that will actually shoot the bird out for your dog. This is a great too becasue it will also get your dog used to the sound of the gun. Just a tip for training, make sure that you get your dog used to the feeling of feathers in its mouth. 


Your dog is going to be jumping into some pretty cold water, and it needs to get used to swimming in it. So, you are going to have to build up the dog's strength. You should start your dog training in the same vest that you are going to be hunting with. This way the dog gets used to swimming in the vest and the dog can be protected from the very start of the training sessions. A vest will keep your dog warm, help them swim, and protect their core. 

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