Adding a New Puppy to Your Family

6 Reasons To Welcome A Labrador Retriever Into Your Home

by Arttu Kari

If you are searching for the perfect dog breed to welcome into your home, a Labrador retriever may come to mind. This breed is enormously popular and for good reason. There are many admirable traits a Lab possesses that make it a wonderful companion for every member of the household. If you need further convincing, here are a few solid reasons why a Lab would make an ideal pet:

1. The Lab is a Multi-Talented Canine (Good On Many Levels)

What exactly does this mean? If you do some research, you may learn that Labradors have held many roles over the years. They make excellent therapy dogs for the elderly and ill in nursing homes. The Lab also works well in military training and police work. This breed is hard working and willing to please its owner. They are extremely intelligent and make fine waterfowl hunters.

2. If You Want a Low-Maintenance, Easy to Groom Pet, the Lab is For You

With its short coat, a Lab is basically a wash and go type of pet. It will not require excessive brushing and grooming, though they do shed a lot at times. Don't let this discourage you, though. If you brush them regularly and have lint rollers handy, you'll still be plenty happy.

3. Color Options Exist for the Lab

Most commonly, the Labrador retriever comes in three distinct color choices: the black Lab, the yellow Lab, and the Chocolate Lab. Yellow Labs may have varying degrees of pale yellow, black Labs may show a small white spot on any given area on the body, and chocolate Labs are most often a solid and rich brown color.

4. Its Playful Nature Is Great For Kids and For Active Adult Lifestyles

Whether frolicking with the kids or hiking with an adult, the Lab loves being outdoors, playing and living an active life. As their name suggests, the Labrador retriever also loves to seek and retrieve. If you and your family enjoy an active lifestyle, this breed might be your perfect companion.

5. The Lab is Good-Natured and Gentle

For families with small children, this is good news. This breed is non-aggressive and basically loves everyone great and small. They should also get along well with other pets you may have in the household.

6. They Are Affectionate, Loyal, and Loving

Perhaps the best reason of all is their affectionate and loyal nature. You can count on your Lab to be devoted and stay by your side. They love nothing better than to curl up at your feet or enjoy a scratch behind the ears. This alone makes for the perfect pet for all household members.

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