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Reducing Your Cat's Stress Levels During Boarding

by Arttu Kari

Owning a cat can be a great way to enjoy the companionship and love offered by a pet. Unfortunately, cat ownership can present a unique challenge for those that enjoy traveling on a regular basis. If you need to board your cat in a cattery while you are away from home in order to ensure that he or she receives the proper level of care, it's important that you take the necessary steps to help reduce your cat's stress levels during these boarding stays.

Here are three simple things that you can do to help manage your cat's stress levels during his or her next stay in a boarding facility.

1. Make sure your cat is healthy prior to boarding.

While a reputable cattery will require proof that your cat has had his or her shots prior to acceptance, you should go beyond this basic health requirement if you want to reduce your cat's stress levels during a boarding stay.

Schedule an appointment with your cat's veterinarian for a full health examination before your trip. Identifying any possible health issues and then treating these issues before your departure will ensure that your cat doesn't have the added stress of dealing with an illness while you are away.

2. Make sure the cattery provides secluded spots.

Cats are solitary creatures by nature, and they do not travel in packs. Introducing your cat into an environment where several felines may be housed at any given time could cause your cat to want to retreat into a spot where he or she feels safe.

You should tour the cattery where you will be boarding your pet prior to your departure to ensure that it provides fully-enclosed safe spots where your cat can hide in to be alone during his or her stay. These safe spots will allow your cat to feel secure, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

3. Let your cat adjust to the cattery slowly.

If you will be traveling for an extended period of time, it can be beneficial to book several short stays at the cattery for your pet before your big trip. These short stays will allow your cat to become familiar with the environment and staff members at the boarding facility slowly.

If your cat feels comfortable with his or her surroundings, fewer feelings of stress and anxiety will plague your pet during his or her boarding stay.

Improve your cat's boarding experience by ensuring his or her optimal health, finding a cattery with safe spots, and letting your cat adjust to the environment slowly with a few short stays prior to any extended boarding period.